Tasks of the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

Today’s traffic system, and especially motor vehicles, constitute the prerequisites for the smooth functioning of our industrial society, which is based on the division of labour. Motor vehicles form an integral part of modern life.

Engineers, specialists and all involved in automotive engineering work in the areas of technology, business management and economics. All of these individuals endeavour to consider ecological and sociological needs in their decision-making and in all their efforts.

The objective of engineering has always been to relieve people of hard work and improve their living conditions while having due regard for environmental protection. Comprehensive, profound expert knowledge constitutes the basis for the efficient work of engineers and automotive engineering specialists. But the impact of technologies on society must also be assessed on an ongoing basis.

Experts can only update their know-how through continuous advanced training and a permanent exchange of experience, and this is more important today than ever before. Studying the relevant literature alone is not sufficient, personal contacts, exchange of experience with others, and the attendance of seminars, lectures and symposia are indispensable.

The ÖVK has therefore set itself the central goal of organising such seminars, lectures, symposia, etc. For this purpose it is essential that the largest possible number of members plays an active role. The broader the membership basis, the more efficient the ÖVK’s work will be.

At present, more than 750 natural persons are members of the Austrian Association of Automotive Engineers, but it can reach a much larger public through member companies and the media. Every engineer, every expert and everyone interested in automotive engineering should become a member in the interest of our common cause.