Motor Symposia

The International Vienna Motor Symposium,

takes place annually and is one of the worldwide leading events of this kind.

At the International Vienna Motor Symposium, more than 1,000 decision-makers from the most important enterprises of the worldwide automotive engineering industry meet together.
The three-day programme offers a variety of ground-breaking lectures and allows sufficient time for exchange of opinions and networking.
This top-level lecture programme is accompanied by an exhibition at which leading automotive and component companies present latest technologies and developments.
An extensive cultural programme for participants and accompanying persons completes the event.

All presentations from the 3rd International Motor Symposium (1981) onwards are available to members of the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers as a download in the members area of ​​this website.
You can find more information about the International Vienna Motor Symposium on the website, opens new window.

Die Hofburg mit Flaggen des Wiener Motorensymposiums
Besucher im Anzug sitzen im Saal mit leuchtenden Kronleuchtern