History - Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

With the rise of automotive engineering in Austria at the beginning of the 20th century, the need to exchange technical experience and scientific findings became ever more pressing, not only amongst engineers, but also amongst all persons and institutions interested in this field.

Accordingly, decades ago, the technical group for automotive engineering was established within the Austrian Association of Engineers and Architects. As, in the opinion of many members, the available organisational resources were not sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the time, the Austrian Association of Automotive Engineers was founded as an independent organisation in 1985 and entrusted with the tasks listed below:

  • Meaningful application of automotive engineering technologies
  • Raising the standards of general technical education and offering further training for engineers after completion of their studies
  • Promotion of technology in the interest of science, culture and society as a whole.

The development of the ÖVK has demonstrated that we took the right decision when we founded in autumn 1985: its membership has increased to more than 750 and is still growing. ÖVK’s conferences, lectures and symposia draw large audiences. The number of such events is growing every year and the topics addressed divers.