45th International Vienna Motor Symposium

Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Direct Injection Technology for Heavy-Duty Engines


X. Liu, Y. Zhao, Q. N. Chan, S. Kook, The University of New South Wales, Sydney:



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This lecture introduces technology and performance output of hydrogen-diesel hybrid engines developed using a dual direct-injector technology for diesel engine retrofitting. To the original diesel engine, modifications are made to install an additional hydrogen direct injector with 350 bar injection pressure. The advantage of the new engine technology is its ability of precisely controlling the hydrogen injection timing in the entire compression stroke range, which is decoupled from diesel injection used for the ignition of hydrogen-air mixtures. This method enables a dynamic control of hydrogen mixtures and can selectively apply well mixed or stratified hydrogen combustion for high efficiency or primarily diffusion burning for NOx mitigation. The first-stage development on a 0.5-litre single cylinder engine [10,11] demonstrated a seamless switching of the hydrogen energy fraction between 0% and 90%, achieving up to 57% indicated thermal efficiency and CO2 reduction by 77%, when intermediate hydrogen injection timing was applied.





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