43rd International Vienna Motor Symposium

TCO as a Key Success Factor for Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Fleet Business, Logistics and Delivery Traffic


R. Hassoun MSc, J. Groß MSc, Dipl.-Ing. M. Hackmann, Dipl.-Kfm. techn. R. Stanek, MEng C. Mohring, P3 automotive GmbH, Dusseldorf / Stuttgart / Munich:



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In the decarbonization of the transport sector, numerous technologies are competing for the major market shares of the future. While battery electric vehicles already account for almost 100% of all alternative drive concepts in the passenger car sector today and in the medium- term future, the medium to long-term future in other transport sectors is still open.

One of the most essential success factors for the penetration of a propulsion technology especially in the commercial application sector (e.g., fleet business, logistics and delivery traffic) is the total cost of ownership (TCO).

P3 presents a comprehensive analysis of TCO in passenger car, commercial vehicle, and material handling applications and benchmarks them with the corresponding battery electric and internal combustion engine propulsion alternatives. The key variables of the entire value chains will be highlighted in detail - both in vehicle, fuel cell and battery production (CAPEX) as well as for the operationally relevant cost variables (OPEX) such as fuel, energy and CO2 prices as well as maintenance expenses.

A special focus in the presentation will be on the variables influencing the cost development of fuel cells, the corresponding balance of plant (BoP) and the required hydrogen. These differ significantly depending on the application and the individual market.

In a scenario analysis (based on different hydrogen price), the TCO effects and sensitivities of different variables, such as governmental subsidies for fuel cell vehicles, electricity price development and costs for hydrogen infrastructure will be derived. Finally, the most important success factors for the cost competitiveness of the hydrogen fuel cell over the entire value chain can be outlined.



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