31. Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility

Lowest PN emissions for future Heavy Duty Diesel Applications – an aftertreatment system approach


A. Wille, C.-D. Vogt - NGK Europe GmbH, T. Aoki - NGK Insulators Ltd


For the commercial vehicle industry, the diesel engine will still play a major role besides alternative powertrain solutions in the upcoming decades. With new extremely challenging emission legislations being introduced in Europe (Euro7/EU VII) and for the US (ARB27/EPA27), as well as foreseen for other regions like China and India, solutions for best fuel economy and parallel zero-impact emission are requested.

Specifically, achieving the lowest particulate number emission down to 10 nm (PN10) under very wide real-driving vehicle operating conditions, as proposed for Euro7/EUVII, requires a deep understanding of the engine plus aftertreatment components functionalities and interferences as a full system. The PN10 emission has to be managed e.g. for the full useful system life, under various soot regeneration conditions, cold-start, as well as fuel consumption and optimized hot operation conditions. The utilization of newly introduced dual-stage urea dosing SCR systems may also influence the tailpipe PN10 emission, finally.

Whereas meeting the future challenging PN10 emission require an ultra-high filtration efficiency of soot particles by new filtration technologies, the tailpipe system PN10 emission can be influenced by the generation of smaller than 23 nm secondary urea-based particulates. This is requesting a detailed study of the SCR system operation and DPF soot filtration capabilities in terms of a total aftertreatment system approach.

This paper will elaborate on the performance of next-generation DPF materials and filtration technologies under various challenging conditions. The impact of a dual-stage SCR system operation on the DPF filtration performance as well as on the system tailpipe PN10 emission will be introduced, discussing finally the possibilities of achieving an optimized NOx-PN10 emission trade-off.

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