31. Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility

Green is the new cool- intensifying electrification for sustainable, affordable and exciting mobility


M. Alt, R. Matthe, C. de De Marino - Stellantis


Green is the new cool - and urgently needed for a sustainable mobility. Intensified work is ongoing to enable affordable and exciting mobility for all. Stellantis is ready to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038 from well to wheel.

Driving range and rapid recharges are key to widespread consumer acceptance of BEVs. Stellantis will meet this challenge with BEVs that will deliver ranges between 500-800 km/300-500 miles and with class-leading fast charging capability of 32 km/20 miles per minute. We will offer a full suite of solutions for private, business and fleet customers that help to simplify the ownership journey. Smart technology enablers for the four BEV-centric platforms are the backbone of the electrified vehicles from Stellantis brands. The platforms are designed with a high level of flexibility (length and width) and component sharing, delivering economies of scale as each platform can support production of up to two million units per year.

The heart of the vehicle is still the (electric) propulsion system, that includes a family of three electric drive modules (EDM) that combine the motor, the gearbox and the inverter. These EDMs are compact, flexible and can be easily scaled. The EDMs can be configured for front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The combination of the platforms, EDMs and high energy-density battery packs will deliver vehicles with best-in-class performance in efficiency, range and recharging. The use of two battery chemistries is planned for 2024 to support various customer needs: a high energy-density option and a nickel cobalt-free alternative. By 2026, the first competitive solid state battery technology is targeted to be introduced…

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