31. Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility

Electronic Stability Control for Leaning Narrow Track Vehicles


D. Werner - ika, RWTH Aachen University


Electric narrow track leaning vehicles combine low parking space requirements and low emissions with great driving experience. This vehicle concept is characterised by a narrow track width, a high center of gravity and a leaning body to compensate for the resulting low roll over limit. While this is sufficient for most driving situations, it does not secure more critical events. Therefore, another system to increase vehicle stability needs to be introduced. In this paper, a propulsion- and brake-based stability control is proposed to improve roll and yaw stability of narrow track leaning vehicles. The over-all concept, structure and mathematical foundation of the stability control are presented.

The proposed stability control was developed and evaluated with an electric four-wheeled direct tilt control leaning vehicle prototype with mechanical steering system. Therefore, the developed stability control is especially suitable for this type of vehicle. Results of driving tests on multiple test tracks prove the effectiveness of the proposed stability control. An excerpt of all driven manoeuvres is given, where each manoeuvre is ranked based on its criticality for this specific vehicle type. This includes standard manoeuvres as well as leaning vehicle specific events. In the end, some exemplary driving manoeuvres are shown to present the functionality of the stability control and vehicle behaviour in the most relevant driving situations. Additionally, essential characteristics of vehicle and controller interaction are discussed.

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